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sad box – Important Factors to Choose

Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is not a myth and can affect anyone especially during the winter season. The good news is this that it can be treated now using the SAD therapy lamp. These lamps have been made in hospitals and clinics to particularly cure this hitch. Using this therapy can bring your body back into stability to control SAD and other disorders. The light therapy lamp truly gives off a raythat imitates the light from the sun.SAD therapy comes in various intensities. They also vary in shape, size and features. They are all intended to be secure, but they are not controlled by the FDA. These are the things you must think about to find the most suitable therapy for your requirements;

Intensity of Light
It is recommended to look for a device that can produce the right intensity of light at the time you are away at an easy distance. It could be effective to use a device that can produce up to 10,000 lux, 12-14 inches away from you for more than 30 minutes every morning. sad box

Availability of blue light
Recent research bring into being that blue light at a definite range is more efficient for SAD and depression than white ones. However, it might cause some harm to your eyes so keep away from looking straight at the source in whichever device that you buy.SAD therapy is typically considered to sort out most of the UV light that can damage your eyes and skin. Try to find devices that discharges as little UV light as possible at high power. If you’re not sure, get in touch with the manufacturer for protection information.

Features and Style
Take care that the size of the box fits your requirements and that you are having a rechargeable battery with you. Remember; most light boxes must be placed within 2 feet of you. Some proposes more than an ‘on and off’ switch, like timers you can program, extended batteries, adjustable brightness and more.